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Komisja Weryfikacyjna 3 (Verification Committee 3)

Komisja Weryfikacyjna 3 (Verification Committee 3)
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Archival catalogue Komisja Weryfikacyjna 3 (eng. 'Verification Committee 3') [archival ID: KW3] is available for download from this web page in both PDF and EXCEL formats (fully searchable).

The catalogue includes personal files, part 1, letters A to I; that is 5380 files.

The project of archivisation and digitalisation of the KW3 fond and as a result, the new catalogue, was possible thanks to the grant from the Council of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland (KPRM); specifically, from the Aid Fund for Polonia and Poles abroad. (pol. 'Fundusz Pomocy Polonii i Polakom za granicą').

PUMST wishes to express its gratitude to the KPRM and Jozef Pilsudski Foundation of Lodz.  Without their support the project would not be possible. Thank you.

ATTENTION: in order to unblock excel file, please use password: spp (case sensitive)

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