25 April 2004
Britain and the Warsaw Rising

Davies Norman

As Britain’s ‘First Ally’, Poland played a role in most aspects of allied military strategy, not least in relation to underground resistance movements. Hence, Britain’s SOE was closely involved with the Polish Underground from 1940...

01 October 2001
The Polish Home Army Intelligence Service

Suchcitz Andrzej

Before the last shots of the Polish 1939 Campaign were fired, the nucleus of the future resistance organisation, the Home Army was being put into place in Warsaw. At the time it was called Service for the Victory of Poland. Soon replaced by the...

01 October 2001
The Polish Underground State and The Home Army (1939-45)

Ney-Krwawicz Marek

The Polish Underground State which functioned under the German occupation in the Second World War was an unique phenomenon in the whole history of European resistance movements. In 1939, the territory of Poland was occupied and carved up between...

16 October 2001
The Warsaw Uprising 1944

Kondracki Tadeusz

The Red Army entered Poland in January 1944, in pursuit of the Germans. The Soviets refused to recognise the legitimate Polish authorities loyal to the Polish Government-in-Exile based in London. Thus, as they progressed, they disarmed the Home...

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