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Available for sale
Informator Studium Polski Podziemnej
Andrzej Suchcitz

Available in:
Polish | English
A guide to PUMST’s archival holdings, compiled by a long-serving keeper of the archives Andrzej Suchcitz, published on the...

Available for sale
Organizacja zrzutów materiałowych dla Armii Krajowej
Jan Tarczyński

Available in:
Polish | English
This selection of documents is another supplement to the six-volume The Home Army in Documents, 1939-1945 published in 2001 and edited by...

Available for sale
The Polish Home Army 1939-1945
Marek Ney Krwawicz

Available in:
The English translation of Marek Ney-Krwawicz’s widely-read book Armia Krajowa was published inPoland in 2001mainly with an eye to an...

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