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Archival holdings of the Polish Underground Movement Study Trust

A unique and one of the most valuable archival collection of some 90 fonds, some containing a few files to over a dozen linear metres of files. In technical terms, it is about 240-250 running meters...

In principle, all documents, images and multimedia are in good condition. The exception is a small collection of negatives from the Homeland Section of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on which conservation work is on-going.

Most of the documents were acquired by PUMST after the war from the Historical Sub-Committee of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces in the West, after its disbandment. More were acquired in the 1950s (KOL. 21), as well as later from gifts and donations. From 1990s, new acquisitions came to be a rarity.  Amongst them is an extensive collection (KOL. 44) of files received in recent years from the Polish Home Army Ex-Servicemen Association (London branch).

The core of archival holdings are documents of:

The Special Section VI of the General Staff in London (during the war responsible for communications with Occupied Poland).  The files are held in three separate fonds: O. VI, SK (boxes) and KOL. 21.;

The Social Affairs Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Polish Government-in-Exile (fond MSW).

It also contains:

Some 40,000 personal files of the Home Army (AK) for the years 1945-1992, assessed by special Verification Committee (KW);

Various kinds of accounts and literary works by Home Army soldiers;

Collections of documents belonging to private individuals or institutions, whose activities were connected to the Home Army;

Leaflets, posters and the underground press;

Maps of Polish cities and regions;

An extensive collection of photographs, slides, negatives, films and microfilm;

An audio and a video library;

A small collection of museum pieces.

All reproductions are charged for; special fee is charged for granting copyright licence for publication and media usage. Please, refer »here to our current Price List 


Since 1998, PUMST have been working on digitizing the archival holdings. This basically involves scanning, converting scanned material to searchable PDF files, indexing the latter and then integrating them into the database (at present Adlib). Digitized material is being prepared for on-line viewing, accessible on site in its electronic version and, in the case of un-scanned material, by traditional means. 



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